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Daruma was first published in 1993, as an easy-to-use and to-visually-appreciate the various forms which Japanese people have used over the centuries to express what was of value and appreciated by men and women who grew up in these islands and this climate. 

Though Japanese refer to their homeland as small, it is much bigger in area and in geography than many other countries and is densely populated. It has an old and largely unknown history but is clearly an amalgamation of northern and southern peoples who used to be able to walk from the north across what is now sea and perhaps had extensive ties with the Pacific's many islands and civilizations.


What matters for you is that Daruma's issues have made available in an attractive fashion many of the tactile expressions of what was appealing to the people of Japan and those who came to know them in person, or through reading and museum-visiting or shopping in recent years.

There are now many ordinary and highly educated people who use not only Japanese products but also derive great pleasure from knowing about and being shown the objects with which Japanese surround themselves today or in past centuries.

Having copies of Daruma is one way to educate yourself and surround you with the things which Japanese have created and explained over the centuries in books, exhibitions and now on the internet, so we are all richer than princes decades ago!

We invite you to read this material and become a connoisseur of a different corpus of art than you grew up with, at a low cost and as a source of pleasure all through your life—one you can share with your friends and family.

So look through 'Order Daruma Issues' and see the great variety of topics we have covered and then have a glimpse of the treasures you could benefit from knowing more about today.

You may chance on subjects that already appeal to you and others which you did not know existed but sound of interest; give them a brief look and then decide what you would like to learn more about. We show you what you have to do—first of all make a choice after you have been given basic information then you will learn just how easy it is to bring hundreds of subjects into your world by pushing buttons at little cost.

Make appear in yours a different world by snapping your fingers. Learning a whole new range of possibilities by using your eyes and digits and then building a map of treasures that you can keep for ever cheaply.

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